Thirumala Knit Finisher had imported Tubetex C2500 open width compactor in the year 2011 and after three and half years of successive & satisfactory run, we again bought one more Tubetex C2500 open width compactor for our business expansion and also for timely delivery to our esteemed customers with supreme quality.

Navis Tubetex has superior performance and fabric appearance for open width knit fabrics with the C2500 open width compactor. The final step of processing for high quality outerwear and apparel knit fabrics will give softer hand, unmatched shrinkage control, width control and yield control.

  • Advanced patented shoe type compaction technology.
  • Compaction rates up to 25% are possible.
  • Residual shrinkage values less than 3% are possible.
  • Machine operating speed of 50 m/min
  • 10 tons/day production capacity.
  • Improved fabric feel and quality.